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Panels LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), are literally luxurious vinyl tiles with a structure resembling heterogeneous PVC floor coverings. It is an innovative product that is rapidly gaining popularity on world markets. With the photographic layer that reflects the natural colours and structure of wood or stone, LVT panels perfectly imitate natural materials. Thanks to their structure, they are extremely durable and aesthetic, and most importantly - they are easy to keep clean.

Construction of the LVT:

The polyurethane layer (transparent)

The wear layer made of pressed PVC (transparent)

The so-called film, i.e. the photographic layer (wood, stone pattern)

The stabilisation layer

The Bottom layer


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The best quality, multilayer PVC floor covering in Poland. Installed in nearly 1000 Orange chains of mobile phone retail stores.

Type: Panels LVT


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LVT panels with an additional layer of fibreglass which makes it a product with the highest dimensional stability on the market.

Type: Panels LVT


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