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Mipolam Accord EL7

MIPOLAM ACCORD EL7 in an antistatic (< 2 kV), homogeneous, floor covering for public environments, available in rolls or tiles.

Calendered and compact with antistatic characteristics. Volume electric resistance guarantees dissipation of electrical charges (DIF class) (standard EN 1081 106 < R < 108) and is equivalent to EN 649 standard.

Collection for use in rooms with electronic equipment and telecommunication equipment, in computer labs, operating theatres, radiology laboratories, etc.

Compact surface of covering for public environments provides better hygiene protection, improved maintenance and durability.

Available in rolls or tiles (in special 608 x 608 mm format) enabling installation of covering on raised floors.


Flooring typePVC floor coverings
Application Educational facilities, Health care facilities
Total thickness2,0 mm
Wear layer2,0 mm
Dimensional stability≤ 0,4 %
Residual indentation≤ 0,03 mm
Light fastness6 min.
Fire ratingBfl-S1
Anti-slip resistanceR9 | DS
Thermal conductivity0,25 W/m2K
Chemical resistancegood
Resistance to pressure pointsgood
Wear groupP
Width2000 mm
Lenght20 mb
Area weight3100 g/m2
Anti-electricity<2 kV
Opór elektryczny10^4≤R≤10^6/10^6≤R≤10^8 Ohm
Anti-bacterial activityno growth
Wykładzina PCV Mipolam Accord EL7
Odporność na poślizg klasa DS Klasyfikacja ogniowa Bfl-s1 Ogrzewanie podłogowe Produkt prądoprzewodzący


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